Book of the day #2: Stuffocation


From the mind of James Wallman: A strangely endearing book filled with anecdotes covering cultural materialism, the different social reactions against it, and the true solution to our obsession with things: The ‘Experience Revolution’.

Many of us are accumulators not of experience, but of things. This book touches on the way that we as a culture in the west, tend to lean towards this tendency in order to keep up with the Jones’s. Our intuitive disgust as to this state of affairs includes: ultra-hording, minimalism, isolationism, middle-wayism (okay I’m making this up now but you get the point) in order to beat the Jones’s in a game of underground social warfare, ie: We’re more humble than you are.

Wallman explains how we got to this point via the ethos of the industrial revolution post world wars. He proposes a convincing and eloquently stated argument as to how, through social advertising and formal education, we have been conditioned to horde things and work in factories (to create more things). These things have become the currency by which we regard our personal and social value in relation to others.
It turns out that this setup is economically profitable for people in power… ?!

There are also a few Economic lessons in this book including the ’S’ curve that are very interesting to read. I’d recommend the chapter explaining ‘How we got here.’

One need not read it cover to cover, although I did, a single anecdote from each chapter would suffice. This book is important because it shows us ourselves from a perspective that we have felt ill of intuitively, but may not have considered to it’s full extent.

In this day and age of things, this is an important book to have on your shelf and a valuable gift to others.
Since I read this book in 2014, it has been an undercurrent in my shifting world view that has been a true blessing and a truly positive influence on my life, which is truly all that I could ask for from a book of this kind.


Watched out for the next book of the day! Here’s the last book recommendation.

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