Art, Science, Faith

Canvases of metal machines
Churning paint,
A Mechanical cauldron of botany.

The Art of Science
Inside the Science of Art,
Like a Flower in a Mill mechanism.

Intervals between words,
A score of formulas for creation,
Washes of pages full of poetry
Serenading systems of nature.

Like whirlpools of facts spoken versely,
Contained within pianos
Singing in rhythms of storms and sunflowers.

The atrium of an atlas
Seems also the perimeter of the universe,
Of a pebble,
Of a grain of sand,
Or a snowflake.

And then Science…

Speckles of icy particles
How can we use them?
Fuse them, peruse them around the garden.

Will meets words meets nature,
So one turns to two and so on and so forth
and so on and so forth



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