I Couldn’t Slow Down

I’m just the wind

The hills and trees stay put

I’m blown through them

Like the unspoken word; I’m the potential,

What might have happened

Had the stars been aligned,

Had the moon been positioned right

Against the waters


I’m a bad dream

What could happen

Like the simmering pot, keep the lid on

The light shines through, but it’s looking pretty grey outside


I serve you, not me but you

This guy over here

The one with the straight spine

The smiling one


Heart in hand I’m bending over backwards

So I hit the wall too fast

I guess one might say I skipped a beat

I couldn’t slow down


Looking now, I position the truth

Don’t try to touch, you’ll hit the floor – hard

It’s all about boundaries you see

Couldn’t be you without me


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Photography by Joao Jēsus

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