My name is Ben Harley. I am an independent Musician, Actor and Writer, and I am 19 years of age. I have been performing musically and theatrically since I was 11 years old in professional and amateur productions beginning with musical theatre. Slowly I have transitioned into Independent Film and Music as separate passions and endeavours.


Musically, I am interested in all genres and styles. However, I find myself through my own music drawn towards the Indie Rock and Folk/Blues genres.

Playing the guitar to an intermediate ability, Piano to a beginner ability and both individually accompanied by my singing voice, I play and perform original tunes that I write and also notate. Occasionally I also like to cover other Artists songs, often adding my own flavour and twist.


Having performed in Professional and Amateur theatre from a young age, I have Sung and Acted on stages such as The Mayflower Southampton, The Nuffield Theatre, and the Theatre Royal Winchester ect. In the past Couple of years, I made a transition to Independent film where I have played roles with Organisations such as Creative England, The Met Film School, Gloucester University and others.


Literature and Film, being two big passions of mine, I find myself see-sawing between Fictional literature and Screenwriting. Occasionally I also enjoy writing Poetry.

I am currently studying a BA Degree in Creative Writing at the Open University.