Lost Feeling #1

A feeling lost,
Trapped in a maze, a prison cell
The bars intertwine into a rope like weave
An unintentional wall keeping the inside in
And the outside out
I feel like i’ve been turned inside out
So vulnerable to sensation and contact
I turn inward with my head and shoulders
And curl into a ball
In the centre of the picnic grounds
Where everyone can stare
Even my toes curl in this glare.

Unspoken misunderstanding

Impenetrable but from the soul of the holder
Who doesn’t see it
And so runs with the key as the feeling peels it’s pulses
From his skin
It retreats with the life to the centre
Where it can


With nowhere truly to hide,
The holder one day faces the bane
With peace and serenity
And like a mother to the self
Again births growth
From the inside


Off For Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

A beautiful time of year in which everyone celebrates with love and joy. A time for selfless giving and rememberance of Jesus Christ.

‘… One can wish!’ Said the boy as he took a bite out of a mince pie and tore open the wrapping paper of a present.

In all seriousness, I’m going to be out on the family rounds doing various christmas gatherings (I believe that I have 5 in the calender starting tomorrow) and so won’t be posting for at least the next 3 days.

If I manage not pass out from food exhaustion then I will be very much looking forward to sharing more content soon.

Wishing everyone a lovely few days! Especially those of you who don’t have many to spend it with, or whom are struggling in the home environment. Stay Strong. x


Here’s a quote to make this post worth your read. I stumbled upon it recently while reading, and although seemingly simple and obvious, it has stuck with me as something to keep in mind ever since:

‘You can face a fact only in the present and if you never allow it to be present because you are always escaping from it, you can never face it, and because we have cultivated a whole network of escapes we are caught in the habit of escape.’ -Krishnamurti [Freedom from the Known]