Lost Feeling #1

A feeling lost,
Trapped in a maze, a prison cell
The bars intertwine into a rope like weave
An unintentional wall keeping the inside in
And the outside out
I feel like i’ve been turned inside out
So vulnerable to sensation and contact
I turn inward with my head and shoulders
And curl into a ball
In the centre of the picnic grounds
Where everyone can stare
Even my toes curl in this glare.

Unspoken misunderstanding

Impenetrable but from the soul of the holder
Who doesn’t see it
And so runs with the key as the feeling peels it’s pulses
From his skin
It retreats with the life to the centre
Where it can


With nowhere truly to hide,
The holder one day faces the bane
With peace and serenity
And like a mother to the self
Again births growth
From the inside